The World's Toughest AMRAP WOD!

A unique, global, real-time online CrossFit team competition


Introducing Buddy Relay teams!


  • When? Saturday 8th of June noon (12 o’clock midday) CET to Sunday 9th of June noon (12 o’clock midday) CET
  • Who? 6 man team, at least 2 female athletes or buddy relay teams of 2 athletes
  • Where? In your own box, online in real-time
  • WOD? Every hour on the hour 3 new movements are presented
  • Objective? Team with the most completed # of reps after 24 hours wins
  • Threshold? 500 reps per team per hour to stay in the race
  • Team? One athlete works, 5 rest and Yo Go I Go for the buddy teams
  • Level? Anyone can compete, the movements will range in difficulty from novice to pro
  • Price? € 169 per 6-man team and € 169 for a buddy relay team
In the classic version, 6-man teams from all over the world race against each other. The event lasts for 24 hours and you compete in your box. In a carrousel style fashion: 1 athlete works and 5 rest. Your team needs to complete at least 500 reps per hour to stay in the race using 1, 2 or all 3 movements programmed for that specific hour. Use any combination of movements and athletes. This is the classic version of the event that we have been running for over 7 years. A challenge that will test your self and your team in an epic race to the end.
For the first time ever we are introducing the Buddy Relay Team version: every hour a buddy team (2 athletes) will compete in the challenge. The same movements as the classic teams and also working with a threshold rep count of 500 per hour to stay in the race. So the 2 athletes have to complete at least 500 reps together in that hour to make sure the team stays in the race. The team needs at least 3 buddy teams and can compete with the maximum amount of 24 buddy teams, 1 buddy team for each of the 24 hours. Buddy teams can be of any combination (MM/MF/FF). This means you can for example have 24 buddy teams and each buddy team is doing 1 hour of work or 6 buddy teams rotating every several hours etc. The only rule is that you cannot switch the buddy teams: so buddy A and B have to stay together in that combo, you cannot switch and have buddy A work with buddy C during a specific hour.

What Is The 24AMRAP Challenge ?

The Ulitimate Test

24 hours Non-stop

A relentless AMRAP that lasts for 24 hours non-stop!


Each team consists of 6 athletes of which at least 2 are female athletes or in the buddy relay version at least 3 buddy teams of 2 athletes


Every hour on the hour 3 new movements are published for the teams to use

Online In Real-Time

You submit your scores online every hour, the event happens in real-time across the globe

About The 24AMRAP Challege

The 24-hour AMRAP Summer Challenge 2024 will be the 14th edition of our event. Hundreds of teams and thousands of athletes and supporters worldwide will battle each other in a 24 hour race in real-time. 6-man teams. 24 hours in your box. In a carrousel style fashion: 1 athlete works and 5 rest.

Or in our newly introduced buddy relay version you can compete with 3 up to 24 buddy teams to deploy during the 24 hours of programming.

We look forward to working with you and your team!

Any questions? E-mail us at [email protected] or send us a DM on Instagram4

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