The World's Toughest AMRAP

A unique real-time online CrossFit team competition


When? Saturday 11th of June noon (12 o’clock midday) CET to Sunday 12th of June noon (12 o’clock midday) CET

Who? 6 man team, at least 2 female athletes

Where? In your own box, online in real-time

What Is The 24AMRAP ?

The Ulitimate Test

24 hours Non-stop

A relentless AMRAP that lasts for 24 hours non-stop!

6 Man Teams

Each team consists of 6 athletes of which at least 2 are female athletes.


Every hour on the hour 3 new movements are published for the teams to use.

Online In Real-Time

You submit your scores online every hour, the event happens in real-time across the globe

Team ticket: 159 euro for a six man team

About The 24AMRAP Challege

The 24-hour AMRAP Summer Challenge 2022 will be the 11th edition of our event. Hundereds of teams and thousands of athletes and supporters worldwide will battle each other in a 24 hour race in real-time. 6-man teams. 24 hours in your box. In a carrousel style fashion: 1 athlete works and 5 rest.

We look forward to working with you and your team!

Destiny Is Yours. Take It.