Equipment list 2024

This is the minimum equipment list you need as a team to enter the event. If there are a few pieces of equipment you do not have, contact us so we can negotiate a solution.

1 men’s barbell
1 women’s barbell
1 squat/pull-up rack
1 men’s medicine ball
1 women’s medicine ball
a set of kb’s of 8, 12, 16 and 24 kg or equivalent in lbs or poods
a set of db’s of 10, 12.5, 15 and 22.5 kg or equivalent in lbs or poods
1 plyo box
1 abmat
1 set of rings
1 sandbag weighing 15 and 25 kg or equivalent in lbs (no sandbag is ok, we will provide substitutes)
1 c2 rower
1 Echo bike
wall for hspu, wall sits etc
ability to go outside and run
rope for rope climb
lots of coffee

Video Requirements

For the teams who want to win this competition it is imperative that you record your team in action. After the event we will ask 5 random video recordings of the 24 hours. The team needs to have at least 15 minutes of recorded video of every hour at hand. The video files can be sent by WeTransfer or shared via URL on Youtube for example.

These video’s must show:

  • the entire team present
  • the athlete working and performing reps
  • enough light and adequate camera angles to validate RX movement

CFL-1 and/or registered CF Judge

Every team must have a registered CFL-1 and/or a registered CF Judge present during the entire event. This person or persons can be in the team actively participating.

This is a non-negociable requirement for the safety of your team and team members.

Questions? Ask us: [email protected]