The threshold to stay in the race is 500 reps per team. So that means you need to complete 500 reps with your 6 man team per hour to stay in the race. If you drop below that total amount of reps you are out of the race, out of the event, kaputt.

So how does that work practically? Well, you get 3 movements to choose from every hour. You can use 1, 2 or all 3 and any combination of the 3 to complete those 500 reps. Let ’s use an example to clarify:

In this hour you can choose from a

  1. air squat
  2. push-up
  3. russian kettlebell swing 12/16kg

The buzzer goes off so the hour starts and athlete 1 starts with doing 25 air squats. Then athlete 2 takes over and also does 25 air squats. Athlete 3 likes push-ups and blasts out a set of 25. Athlete 4 then does 50 air squats because she loves air squats more that life itself. Athlete 5 is taking a piss and athlete 6 takes over with a whopping set of 50 russian kettlebell swings. She uses the 12kg kettlebell because she is a lady. Athlete 1 takes over and now chooses to do push-ups and he pumps out a solid 20. Athlete 2 now swings the kettlebell 30 times. Athlete 5 comes back from the toilet and makes up for his absence by cranking out 50 air squats. Athlete 3 now takes over with 25 push-ups.

Have you been counting along? 250 reps have now been completed and the team is halfway of getting enough reps done to stay in the race. 500 remember?

So now athlete 4 says “you guys take a break and Sally and me will take care of the rest this hour “. So they all sit down, have something to eat, take a nap or just chill out. The 2 athletes take turns doing 20 air squats untill the total of 500 reps is completed.

But then it ’s only 20 minutes into the hour and athlete 1 says “let ’s do some more reps because we want to stay ahead of Troy ’s team (a team from another affiliate in the city) so me and Jean will just go at it for another 15 minutes. Anyone game? ” Sally gets up and also joins them. And in 15 minutes the 3 of them rack up another 300 reps to end with a total of 800 reps that hour.

Now you can go all out but remember that this is a marathon and not a sprint. 24 hours is a long time. Top tier teams complete around 2000-3000 reps per hour depending on the movements so you can go as hard as you want.

WOD on!

24AMRAP Crew