Aloha mighty barbell warrior. You might have noticed that we require video footage for validation by our Judges Team IF you end up in the #1 position after 24 hours. We get a lot of questions about what that means, practically, and how to make sure you get it right.

First of all: we hope we don ’t have to wear these fucking facemasks (ever) again but well, let ’s get into it…


So why do you need to record your entire team in action for 15 minutes of every hour, for 24 hours? Easy: to validate RX movement standards and rep count. Yes it ’s only 15 minutes but that is enough to validate both data points. We have been doing this for 7+ years and 12+ editions so we know by now: 15 minutes per hour is enough.


Is it possible for teams to cheat? Of course. It ’s also possible to cheat during The Open but here at 24AMRAP we are completely confident that the #1 teams in our events are the actual champions. There are the video ’s but we also get to know the teams and athletes. They are machines. And honorable human beings as we learned over the years. Yes, many teams return to our event, some have been loyal competitors for many years. Frankly: do you want to compromise your integrity as an athlete (and as a team or affiliate) by cheating in an online event that everyone can follow live on social media? Nah!


We use the exact same video penalty system as CrossFit HQ does for The Open. You can find it at the official CrossFit Open page under video rules and regulations. In reality we rarely spot any non-RX movements or rep count discrepancies while reviewing video footage from the #1 teams.


So you record 15 minutes of video footage, and then what? You store it. Easiest way is to upload to a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive. Or you could livestream via Youtube for example, many teams use this option. Then it gets stored to Youtube. The top teams record all hours for the entire 24 hours by the way, for ease of use and total transparency.


So after 24 hours the team that is in the top spot gets a email from us and we request video footage (or links to) 6 random hours we pick. The team sends it over and we need around 4-5 work days for our judges team to check and double check. If all is well that team will be declared official World Champion.

That ’s it. Questions? Drop us a line at [email protected]