The 24 Hour AMRAP Challenge as it is officially called is a CrossFit team competition. It is unique in its kind because of a few different unique aspects:

+ it ’s completely online so teams from all over the world can compete

+ it ’s in real-time meaning that all teams and athletes are working at exactly the same time all over the world

+ athletes of all levels can compete, we ‘ve had athletes at Regionals level experience and skill compete as well as newbies and intermediate athletes, athletes with injuries and all age levels

+ during the 24 hour competition there is a genuine connection between teams, athletes and boxes/gyms/affiliates, fuelled by all the experienced shared on social media

+ you compete in your own box supported by your community

As you can see, it ’s a unique event that celebrates our sport of CrossFit, the CrossFit community and its diversity in all levels: skill, experience, locations and cultures. Come join the revolution! Register your team today!

May the WODs be forever in your favor!

24AMRAP Crew