The 24 hour AMRAP Challenge is an event that takes 24 hours (hence the name) and therefor could be classed as an ultra endurance event. Which makes sense, you are working for 24 hours straight with your team of six. Although some teams execute sleep and rest schedules and work in shifts there are also teams that hammer reps 24 hours non-stop. It all depends on your goal and how well conditioned you are, both physically and mentally. Nutrition plays a big part in any (ultra) endurance event and during the years we accumulated a list of tips and best practises that might help you and your team during the event:

  1. Eat small portions – yes that whole pizza or shoarma dish looks, smells and tastes great but will feel like a block of cement in your stomach and will drain huge amounts of energy from your body just to process it
  2. Easlily digestible food – fruit, veggies and small portioned lightly digestible but highly nutritious foods have been proven to work best (sushi, yaay!)
  3. Shakes and meal replacements – yes everything from protein shakes to meal replacement shakes work pretty well. If you have a blender available you can throw in fruit, nuts and more yummy stuff
  4. Drinking fluids is extremely important, maybe even more important that eating: once you get dehydrated it ’s very hard to replenish. Symptoms of dehydration: tiredeness, headache and dry mouth.
  5. Try to avoid too many overly sweet drinks and foods, they will wreck havoc on your appetite and insulin balance. If you do crave sweet snacks and beverages try to consume them in tiny bits and spread them out.

We hope these tips help you prepare and succesfully navigate the event nutrition wise. Good luck!

Best regards, 24AMRAP Crew